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"Families are the hidden victims of imprisonment and the work of Friends of Peterborough Prison help support and enable family ties to be maintained. The work is challenging but rewarding and as Director of the Prison I know this group of volunteers help make a real difference to the benefit of offenders, families, prison staff and the wider community. Thank You.”


Mr Nick Leader Director HMP Peterborough


"I can honestly say that I have never felt threatened or uncomfortable working with the prisoners.  They find it hard to understand that I am a volunteer and don’t get paid.  They really seem to appreciate what I do and I have been told more than once “You are a good woman”.  Usually when the lesson ends some of them make a point of coming to shake my hand and say “Thank you miss, see you next week”. 

So if you are thinking of working closely with the prisoners but are not quite sure, I would say go for it.  It’s always good to feel that you are giving something but believe me, you will be receiving something special in return"


A volunteer in the Education Department


A member of Attend  Enhancing Health & Social Care. Locally